A Walk in the Woods with Sister Marian

The Sulham Woods, close to Tilehurst

Sister Marian Stanley is a retired Methodist Deaconess, much beloved by the congregations in Tilehurst, who has been a great friend to us. She invited us to come over last Friday, to take a walk in the woods and look at the bluebells. She lives on the edge of town, only a short walk from the Sulham Woods. It was such a lovely day that we rode our bicycles to her house, and then (after admiring her tulips) set out on foot. This is a bit of what we saw---

First was this riot of color along her drive---such large tulips!

There were red ones

And orange ones---each with such vivid color.

Along the way we met a friend out walking his dog. I think the dog liked the bluebells, too.

We parted paths with them and continued along the bluebell path.

and began to witness one of the glories of Spring in England.

Bluebells were everywhere---small and delicate, and a deep blue.

You don't have to make cute garden presentations---nature does it naturally.

Like this.

And this.

And every once in a while, a really unusual growth that prompts you to wonder "how and why?".

No matter. It makes a great place for a picture.

Then we headed back for Sister Marian's house and had a lovely lunch of wonderful soup, great English cheese, and superb bread. It really doesn't get much better than this.

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