Churches and ministers

in the Reading & Silchester Circuit

The organization of Methodist Churches into circuits is at once wonderful and somewhat troublesome. There are 20 churches in our circuit and they are served by nine ordained ministers. Lay preachers serve a significant role in churches, conducting the majority of services on any given Sunday. Although ministers are assigned to two or more churches to oversee administrative functions, they are sent to preach virtually anywhere in the circuit and may see their "home" congregations only once or twice a month. That means that we get to visit a lot of different churches---some are quite large, some are very small. All are populated by friendly people who sing wonderfully well and are devoted to their church.

Here are pictures of all the church buildings in the Reading & Silchester Circuit, Southhampton District. Not pictured are Emmanuel (new building under construction), Woodley Airfield LEP, Caversham Park Villa LEP, Whitley, and Woodcote. Three of these meet in school buildings, one in temporary facilities at a hospital, and one uses the local parish church building. (LEP=Local Ecumenical Partnership)

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Burfield Common - a village church west of Reading.

Burnt Hill Chapel -ignore the building on the left--it's a house. The chapel is on the right-very small. Services here twice a month on Sunday afternoon.

Caversham Heights Church - Caversham is part of Reading on the north side of the Thames. It's kind of the Highland Park of Reading.

Caversham Grosbrook Road Church - just across the Thames.

Christ Church, Woodley - a combined United Reform Church and Methodist LEP. Woodley is a southeast suburb of Reading.

Kentwood - one of the two Tilehurst churches that Ann has administrative responsibility for.

Mortimer - a village church south of Reading.

Silchester - a country chapel close to the Silchester roman ruins.

Tadley Common - combined C of E and Methodist LEP which will be soon building new facilities.

Tadley Main Road - Tadley is south and west.

Three Mile Cross Chapel - a combined URC and Methodist LEP, located due south.

Tilehurst Church- the other congregation that Ann has responsibility for.

Tutts Clump Chapel - a rural chapel - reached after a delightful drive over narrow country lanes. Has a wonderful old pipe organ and almost all the keys work.

Trinity Church is in Early, southeast side of town. It is combined Church of England and Methodist.

Wesley Church - the tall steeple, downtown church. Nice, spacious interior. Many churches and chapels are plain inside.

Circuit Ministers                                   

Rev Ann Barton

Rev David Ellis, Circuit Superintendent

Rev. Dermot Thornberry

Rev. John Ogden

Rev. Nick Thompson

Rev. Valerie Fisher



Michael Hill




Rev. Mike Hill

Rev. Tony Bell






Rev. Gavin Rogers

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