Tilehurst Methodist Church Flower Festival
July 2nd and 3rd

I don't think there is a better way to celebrate summertime in England than to have a flower show. The whole of the country is ablaze with flowers and everybody has a garden somewhere, somehow. It's one of the national pastimes,
sharing equal billing with complaining.

The flower festival at TMC left no room for complaints. It was held as part of the centenary celebrations which began in March and continue through September. It has been a splendid time, with much effort going in to the planning and realization of events, including this one. Numerous people worked long and hard to conceptualize and create the flower arrangements. I hope you enjoy these pictures of their creations. The comments are from the brochure that was given to festival visitors.


Baptism shows the love of God for all people, displayed supremely in the self-giving of Jesus Christ, and demonstrates all that Christ has won for us through his death & resurrection. Baptism makes plain that, before and without any response on our part, Christ died for us. The Methodist Church, like most branches of the Christian Church, administers the sacrament to both adults and young children.


Sunday School/Junior Church

These flowers are done in praise of Sunday School (Junior Church) teachers. They often do not know whether the seeds they sow ever ripen and mature.

Jesus said in Matthew 18 vs 2-6, "I assure you, unless you turn from your sins and become as little children, you never get into the kingdom of heaven."

In Mark 10:16 "...then He took the children into his arms and placed his hands on their heads and blessed them."

The Past and the Future

We celebrate the Centenary of our building even as we plan new building and renovation of the present buildings.

We link the old with the new.

We celebrate the years of fellowship and our traditions and extend that fellowship as we reach out to new congregations.

Christ is the cornerstone, we are the bricks and mortar. "The Church's one foundation is Jesus Christ our Lord."





Marriage is:     sharing and caring
                        loving and being loved
                        walking hand in hand
                        talking heart to heart
                        seeing through each other's eyes
                        laughing together, weeping together

And always trusting and believing
For love that is shared is a beautiful thing
It enriches the soul and makes the heart sing.

This arrangement contains lilies for peace, a candle for light, a Book of Common Prayer with which to worship God and a wedding ring which is an unbroken circle symbolising unending and everlasting love.









1905 & 2005

These two arrangements represent a typical Edwardian arrangement - a period of elegance when arrangements were masses of flowers of subtle colours - and a typical modern arrangement - often minimalist with the use of foliage and just a few flowers to give texture and form. We are grateful to Ann Deverall of Tilehurst Flower Club who planned and executed these arrangements.


Sacrament of Communion

Communion is central to all branches of the Christian Church as it reminds us of Jesus' ultimate sacrifice as He laid down His life to save humankind.

The orange/yellow flowers and the bread represent Jesus' body broken for us. The wheat represents the small seeds which, when planted, spring into a new plant and provide us with food: just as God's life will grow in us and develop into a mature belief, if we allow Him into our lives.

The red flowers represent Jesus' blood shed for us as they are 'dripping' into the communion cup. The petals, which have fallen outside the cup represent the fact that Jesus died for all humankind, and that we can be redeemed by Him.


Left side of communion display.


Right side of communion display.

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