This says it all. It just doesn't get any better than this.

Many churches in Honey Grove---try our virtual tour by clicking here...

Track a bicycle ride around southeastern Fannin County. Click your way around.

If you want to know where we are, here's a map of Fannin County, Texas. We've explored a little bit, but haven't
had much time to drive around to sightsee. But save this map, so that you can track our wanderings. I've cycled on
FM100 as far as Selfs (where there are two churches), driven to Bonham and down SH121 (the way to Dallas),
and down SH (state highway) 34 to Ladonia. Some pictures from that drive are included in the photo gallery below.

Here are some pictures of Honey Grove and surrounding area. If you click on the small pictures they will
expand into larger pictures which allow you to see more details. Hope you enjoy them.

Here's the church - McKenzie Memorial United Methodist Church. McKenzie was a Methodist minister who worked extensively in this area in the 19th century. We know of another church by this same name in a nearby town. This church was build in 1912.

This is the parsonage. Large enough, airconditioned and comfortable. The church is immediately behind the house.

Just down the street (about 2 blocks away) is Honey Grove Town Hall, a late 19th century building. The mayor is the music leader in our church.

Here are several pictures of buildings on the town square. Many of the buildings are vacant as most folks go to Paris, Commerce, or McKinney to shop. This was the bank until recently, when a new facility was built about a block away.

I'm hoping to find out the history of this building some time. Can't tell you anything now.

This building IS occupied, by a great hardware store (and feed store). It is a store worthy of John Martin--I can (and have) bought nuts and bolts one or two at a time. The owner has been in Honey Grove 50 years.

Dine in style at the Red Brick Grill. Watch this space for a review.------The "Red Brick" as it's called, serves a sturdy texan menu---chicken fried steak, fried squash, mashed potatoes, and similiar culinary delights. Not a lot of variety, but good, especially if you're really hurgry.


There are numerous majestic houses in Honey Grove. According to a town history that Ann read, at one time there were
30 millionaires in Honey Grove. Not many left, but some of their houses remain, and some have been restored by individuals. Here are some representative pictures.

This one isn't far from where we live, except maybe in grandeur. Nicely restored.

Members of our church bought and restored this house over the past three or four years.

I've not decided whether this is new construction or a restoration, but it's representative of early 20th century housing.

Same goes for this one.

I like the porch and turret on this house.

Front view of the same house.

Here's one is currently being restored.

Don't know about the color, but a nice restoration job.

Here are some sights in and around Honey Grove. Enjoy.

Here's a Texas hedgerow.

My favorite fence post.

Driving on SH 34 today, I noticed the absence of water in the North Sulphur River. It's really dry around here.

How dry is it? This dry.

This isn't a picture of the Grand Canyon from the air. This is the ground next to Forest Hill Church. People with small feet have to be careful where they step for fear of falling in and never being seen again.

This is one suburb of Honey Grove.

If the Red Brick Grill is too uptown for you, come on down to the Dairy Queen (DQ) for a burger and blizzard. Best in town.


It's August. It's Texas. That means hot weather. How hot it it? Well........

Yesterday it was feeling a bit warm, so I walked down to the square to look at the time and temp sign there. It was a bit warmish.

So today, August 4th, it was feeling even warmer. So I made another trip to the square. Sure enough, it was even hotter than yesterday.

Then I walked over to the Hall-Voyer building to visit...

...the Library, where I got new library cards for Ann and myself. The Hall-Voyer Foundations funds this library as well as pursuing other helpful projects in Honey Grove. Check out their web site.

When I came out of the library ten minutes later, this is what I walked home in. Welcome to Texas in August.

Recorded at 3:08 PM on Sunday, August 6th. Subsequently, a line of
thunder storms blew through---we didn't get any rain, but the temperature
dropped into the 80's. I don't vouch for the accuracy of this thermometer/sign.
But it is handy for comparison purposes.