Scenes from the Isle of Wight

Freshwater Bay, on the southern side of the island


We cycled around the southwest end of the Isle of Wight. There were lots of hills to push
bicycles up. But then we could ride joyously down the other side.


Alum Bay, famous for its multicolored sands The Needles---on the western end of the Isle of Wight
We rested at the high point of the Tennyson trail,  which follows the top of the downs on the south side of the island.

You can't go to the seashore without "having a paddle"

A beautiful sunset, viewed while having an excellent dinner.

Pedaling along a country lane this apple tree came into view.

And this bovine creature has to be one you wouldn't find in Texas.

A paraglider took advantage of updrafts along the downs.

Tired cyclists rest and check to see if they are in the right place.