Thursday evening we did one of Raymond's favorite things---looking at boats. And there were a bunch to look at.

Many of the photos on this page were taken by Raymond.

The fishing village of Cadgwith was only a few miles from Mullion, where we were staying, and we drove over for the evening. We had to park in the municipal car park because there is absolutely no place for visitors to park in the village. The walk from the car park to the village is about 1/2 mile---down hill on the way in and up hill (and in the dark) on the way back.

We discovered (after asking a few questions) that there was a fishing contest for locals that was just beginning, so we watched the boats being launched and the lines going into the water. We didn't stay around to see who won.

Cadgwith looked a lot like the other small fishing villages we visited. Set in a valley with steep hillsides leading down to the water's edge. A few fishing vessels still operating, but greatly reduced from their former numbers.

And no room for cars.

Boats (big and little) are launched by rolling them down to the water on logs. Contestants pitched in to help each other.

In the middle of the contest the local rowing club showed up.

This fellow seemed to be having a lot of trouble getting everything working, but he finally got his line in the water.

When we tired of watching people fishing we hiked along the shoreline and found this lovely vista.

and two good friends close by.


Friday morning we had to vacate our B&B, so we headed for the north coast of Cornwall. On the way we stopped off at the Lost Gardens of Heligan. This is a large garden area on an old estate that had been developed before WW I with all kinds of exotic plants. All (or most) of the gardeners were killed during the war and the gardens were neglected and became overgrown. They were discovered and re-developed in the late 80's and early 90's. If you're into gardening (as most English folks are) it's a great place to visit.

All kinds of nooks and crannies around the gardens...

some with people inside them.

Not only plants here----also a fastidious duck taking a bath in a tub...


and a rooster.

Giant mushrooms growing in a tree...

and lovely water lillies

Here we are in the middle of a tropical jungle with an observation platform...

looking at a banana tree.

and giant rhubarb bushes. Lots of potential rhubarb crumble here!

We weren't afraid of being eaten by giant rhubarb plants!

We weren't afraid of giant hydranga either.

A little bird came by and ate crumbs while we were eating lunch.

Oh yes----there were flowers in the Lost Gardens, too.

Flowers of all shapes and sizes.

More flowers.

And apple trees growing over a path...

and bee hives.....

and vegetables...

and flowers in the middle of the vegetables...

and a diagram showing what is growing where...

a sun dial----can you tell what time it was?

and a beautiful woman walking backwards up a hill reading a map.

There is a giant, although he's mostly under ground.

No problem with dandriff with this guy----but ants might be bothersome.

His mate was sound asleep a little ways down the trail.

We left her alone and exited the Lost Gardens.

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