The Morgan Sports Car Factory


Ever heard of a Morgan Sports Car? We hadn't until we saw one and mistook it for an MG. Big mistake! A friend (John Martin) corrected us, then later invited us to accompany a group that was going to tour the Morgan factory in Gloucestershire. We found out a lot that day, mainly that there are still cars made by hand! For more information about Morgan Sports Cars, visit their web site at You can even order one on-line, if you wish!

This was our view of the place:

This is what it's all about---sleek, hand built, and speedy. Their new model will set you back only 58,000 pounds.

Here's another view of the same model.

And this year's color---mustard yellow.

They all start off looking like this----hard to tell whether it's a boat or a car.

But then it starts to take shape.

Ever seen a rack of motors? BMW motors, at that!

You wouldn't think that a sharp looking car would have so much wood it it----but a substantial portion of workers we saw in the factory were woodworkers!

Then sheet metal is placed over the wooden frames.

More framing is added.

Motor and transmission in place.

Roll it down the ramp into the next area of the factory.

Things start to get complicated when interior elements begin to be added.

Not much room left up front when you put in a 2-liter V6 with all the trimings.

Ann wants this one---but in British racing green.

But you can get them in red, too.

The first Morgans had three wheels and an air-cooled engine.

Here's a slightly later model, but still only three wheels.

A view of the history of Morgan cars.

This is the one I want---it's their classic model, and only costs around 30,000 pounds. That would translate to about $55,000. You can even get them with right-hand drive. Dream on.


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