Zachary in person-March 2004
Visiting with Zachary, Julie and Josh in March was quite wonderful. Much better than looking at pictures. Zachary was in good health and we were able to spend time with him every day, and even baby sit a little. Naturally, lots of pictures are taken. If you don't see enough of Zachary below, there's more where these came from.
I've reduced the size of the individual pictures a bit, so they should load faster. If this works better, let me know. Being grandparents is fun, not to mention quite delightful.

Mother and child.

Father and son.

Zachary in person.

Julie reads.

Ann reads.

Zachary reads.

Granddad likes to walk around with Zachary.

A personal performance of Zachary's tune.

Ann likes to walk around with Zach, too. Everybody gets a turn because it's Zach's favoite distraction when things get fussy.

I left this one large because it's such a neat picture. Click it and have a look!

Zachary spends some time with his great grandfather, and vice versa.

There is something about a sleeping baby that makes me want to take a picture.

The world's neatest baby, without a doubt.


Tucson is a great place to visit in March---not too hot, especially if you don't stay in the sun too long. There is always shade in Josh & Julie's front yard - a good place to sit for pictures.


Four generations of Bartons

Great grandfather and Zachary have eyes only for each other.

Then Zachary and Julie settled in for a little game of peekaboo! A good time was had by all.


So many pictures - hope you haven't gotten tired of them yet. Another way of keeping Zach happy (and getting him to take his afternoon nap) was walking from the house to a nearby fountain or the big one pictured above. Everybody gets a turn with this, too.

When Zach gets fussy, first you try this....

and if that doesn't work, we go for a walk....

get the hat on for sun protection...

head for a shady spot....

where there is the sound of running water, also (or to the fountain pictured above).


One day we headed over to Josh's studio and visited with him and his mural partner, Will.

Nice to have a cuddle with Dad in the middle of the day.

then go home and sit on the table and be the center of attention for a while...

and be cute and adorable.

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