Ann and Dave in England

And what a wonderful time it was!


Ann & Dave at the Needles, Isle of Wight
To see some of what we saw, click on the picture.


Island of Iona
Let us show you pictures of our pilgrimage to Iona
Pages posted include Reading to Iona, An Abby tour, and our trip to the Island of Staffa.

Winston Churchill, according to some, the greatest
Englishman ever. We've visited two of his homes, Blenheim Palace
and Chartwell. Click on Winston to see a bit of what we saw..



Ever seen a real English flower festival? We had not until there was one at
Tilehurst Methodist last summer.

Have a look.

Feast your eyes on pictures of our time in Prague.
Click on the happy organ grinder on the left.

Prague see the sights we saw----at least some of them.
A Visit to the Morgan Sports Car Factory. Click on the picture to watch the cars being built.


The Eden project wasn't all we saw, but it was significant.
Go with us on a Cornwall pilgrimage and see the sights.


Zachary Guide

He's doing well. To see how well, check below.

Zachary's Page - Zachary's 2nd page - Zachary in person - Zachary at Work

Zachary in England

Zachary in England 2005


Methodist Churches and Chapels

in and around Reading

You've seen lost of majestic cathedrals on this site...

Now have a look at some of the churches where Ann preaches


Beverley Minster
If you want to see lots of pictures of stone people playing medieval instruments, click here. Otherwise, don't bother.

One of London's hidden secrets------Abbey Mills Pumping Station-----Sewage disposal at it's finest.

Click the picture to see more.


Here's a list of things that have been on the web site for a while. Feel free to browse.

The Isle of Portland

Views of Stonehenge and Old Sarum


Windsor Castle, Hampton Court Palace, and Salisbury Cathedral.

Avebury Henge

London Visits

A Walk in the Woods with Sister Marian


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