Churchill Heritage Tour


Sir Winston lived a long and interesting life and played a pivotal roll in wartime Britain. His public life is well documented, but if you want to get a flavor of the private Churchill, Chartwell in Kent is the place to visit.  
There is a large collection of memorabilia and the rooms of the house that are open to the public are full of his presence.

Also of interest is his birthplace, Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire. ( )
Both are open to the public and worth the visit.

As usual, only exterior photography is allowed at these sites, so that's all I can show you. If that's not enough, check them out in person.

Front view of Blenheim Palace from the courtyard.

Click on the pictures below to view larger images from Blenheim.

The grounds around Blenheim Palace are open to walkers, picnicers or simply for enjoying the scenery.

Walking in from the parking area presents a spendid view.

Aproaching the entrance, you're greeted by the rooster and the lion, apparently good friends.

If you're a garden fancier, there's plenty to see.

On the other side of London, south of the M25, in the picturesque countryside of Kent is where you'll find Chartwell. It was his refuge, family home, and favorite place to paint. If you only have time to visit one Churchill place, this is it.

Front view of Chartwell.

Looking from the house to Churchill's studio, where he would retreat from the stresses of wartime England to paint watercolors of the landscape.

This and the next are some of that landscape.

I don't know if Churchill painted ripe apples, but these looked good enough for a picture of some sort.

Not to mention the crabapples.

Looking at the house from Churchill's studio.