Zachary in England

Zachary arrived in England on August 12th, and appeared to have thrived on trans-Atlantic travel. He slept most of the way, according to reports. His parents arrived in good condition also. We'll post pictures as they become available, so check back for further postings.


Some things are the same and some things are different. Like the person with the camera!

But Dad is never far away for reassurance.

Ann has a good touch, too.

Zachary gets a recorder lesson.

Then gives it a try. He's a natural.

Sitting in the garden with mom.

Taking a bite of grass.

Zachary in Tutts Clump.

where he had an emergency diaper change.

Dad takes good care of him.

He's beginning to smile!

Zachary checked out Oxford to see if he might want to go to school there some day.

Checking out the Christ College quad.

Zachary explores the world of literature.


More to come!